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1902 4th Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7T8

Phone: 780-955-9594
Fax: 780-955-9496

METALX Recycling Ltd.: Scrap Metal Recycling throughout the Edmonton Capitol Region, Nisku, Alberta and Western Canada

METALX Recycling Ltd. is a metal recycling firm, located in Nisku, Alberta. Since our founding, we’ve sought to be an operation that focuses on the needs of our customers; whether it is a farmer looking to recycle an old combine, or a large plant doing a major cleanup. The staff of METALX Recycling Ltd. are dedicated to providing service on a timely basis, while doing everything we can to ensure each customer receives the maximum amount for their recycled goods.

In addition to our dedication to service, we strive to remain competitive and provide superior value to those we do business with. Learn more about what we buy.

Asset Recovery, Smart Recycling
Throughout the Edmonton Capitol Region, Nisku, Alberta and Western Canada, METALX Recycling Ltd. offers asset recovery programs, designed to limit waste, repurpose scrap materials, and reduce the cost of doing business for many companies. Our programs are always transparent and accountable. The businesses that we have partnered with are in both the private and public sectors and include independents, government, nationals and multi-nationals.

Workplace Safety & Awareness
At METALX Recycling Ltd., we believe a safe and healthy work environment is crucial to the longevity and happiness of our employees, as well as the success of our business. We also strive to maintain a workplace that is welcoming, supportive, and respectful to all. Read the Occupational Health & Safety Policy (PDF).

Focus on the Environment
In maintaining a scrap metal recycling facility, we seek to be good stewards of the environment by minimizing our impact to Alberta’s natural resources. This is the mission of our operation, and one we see as a corporate responsibility. Read our Environmental Policy (PDF).

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