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Scrap Metal Bin & Container

Looking for scrap metal pickup in the Edmonton area? METALX Recycling Ltd. supplies containers and/or trailers in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.

How to Get Your Bin or Container
When you call for a scrap metal pickup, it can be arranged, usually within 24 hours. After your bin is filled, we exchange it for an empty container to prevent any gaps in the recycling program.

Prior to Your Bin Pickup
Prior to being picked up, each bin is checked to ensure all materials are meant for recycling, there is no contamination, and the container has been loaded properly and safely.

After Your Bin Pickup
Your bin will be brought to our facility, where it is initially weighed on our 80’ government certified scale. To ensure accurate weight records, we weigh each bin when full and after it has been emptied. The material is sorted into different categories and each of them are weighed as well. The materials are then packaged, labelled and prepared for outgoing shipment.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a scrap metal pickup, please contact us at 780-955-9594.